Our stories are a dedication to the many beautiful women out there who inspire us with their way of living. Each page is dedicated to a special woman who values sustainability in her own way and shares a glimpse of her life with us.

We are so grateful that these women are letting us share their wisdom words and hope you will get inspired too.


Natalie Kay Smith

An eco friendly blogger, sustainable fashionista and loving mother

Camilla Effersøe

A teacher, vegetarian, bike enthusiast, nature lover and dear friend

Louise Dorph

An interior designer, artist and illustrator, TV host and lifestyle blogger

Josephine Ekstrand

An eco friendly designer, fempreneur, handywoman and loving mother

Patricia Imbarus

An eco brand strategist, digital marketer and content creator

Tanja Gotthardsen

A sustainable blogger, secondhand expert and fempreneur

Sara Kristine Skibsted

A sustainable jewellery designer, fempreneur and dog-mamma

Freja Troelsen

A photographer, writer and loving mother

Kim Gerlach

A fempreneur, sustainable activist, blogger and writer

Nelle Noell

A holistic makeup artist and blogger,, mentor and cat-mamma