Slow Fashion

Gritt & Borris creates slow fashion collections. Slow fashion is the opposite of fast fashion which currently dominates the fashion market with it's constantly changing trends, low prices and no traceability. 
Slow fashion is the opposite of all these factors.

We create small collections once or twice a year with a maximum of 15 different styles in. The collections are created from a timeless mindset where we strive to make each style last for many, many years. The colors, print, design and details are all created in accordance to our slow fashion mindset.
We usually use these sentences: *Did it work 10 years a go or 5 years ago? Does it work now? Will we still want to wear in 5 or 10 years?''. Of cause some of it is presumptions, but it is still important questions to ask oneself while designing long-lasting clothes. 

Also our quality control is a big part of creating styles which are made to last. Our sewing house as well as us and our pattern maker is very engaged in quality control thus it has become a natural part of our production process.

Sustainability and traceability is an important factor in slow fashion. Sustainability is our main core of the brand. It is our WHY. In slow fashion one value a slow and sustainable process where you, as customer, can learn more about a textile's origin and how it is made, why it is sustainable and which kind of certifications is has. The traceability is more visible to the customers and we, as a slow fashion brand, invites you into our little design universe.