Inge Coat

Inge Coat


Inge coat has a classic, loose fit. The coat has two visible front pockets and is closed by two pushbuttons. The coat can be used in the winter with a warm knit or on a chilly summer night with bare legs.

Our Inge coat is made of an innovative banana fabric. The fabric is handwoven and undyed in a small village in Nepal. When you purchase our Inge coat you directly supports the weavers in the small village in Nepal.


Trim: The coat has pushbuttons at front. We are currently searching for a more sustainable alternative.

Our Inge Coat is produced in Bulgaria.

Due to the nature of the handwoven materials, there will always be irregularities in the colors and the weaving of the fabrics. This is a part of the charm of a handmade product, and is what makes handmade products beautiful.

Free delivery on all orders within Denmark.

Our Inge Coat will not be restocked.

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