The Company Gritt and Borris was established in 2015 by the partners Gritt Mortensen and Mikkel Borris, a couple both professionally and privately.

With a wish to make a difference in the fashion industry, and for the environment, our thought behind the company is to create a sustainable alternative to the current conventional fashion industry. By incorporating sustainability in the company’s value-chain, from raw material to the final product, we strive to create beautiful collections while minimizing our impact on the environment.


Love Stories made for you

We were born in Denmark, thus our design essence has roots in the Scandinavian, timeless simplicity. However we strive to design clothing that touches the consumers, both in design and the story behind.
We design with a laid back vibe, where every piece should be useable both day and night and enhance our customers' lovely spirits.
Classic, yet casual silhouettes combined with feminine details is our way of creating love stories to you.


Small Collections

We design 1-2 collections each year with a maximum of 15 styles in each collection. Every single style match with three other styles in each collection. By doing this we do not dispose of our older collections after ending a season but keep them alive as long as the fabric still is available and the consumer interest is high enough. This is a different way of producing where we are not impacted on rapid changing trends but design and produce long-lasting collections.

We only use a minimal amount of trim such as zippers, ribbons, buttons and etc. We use just enough so that our styles are still functional and yet aesthetic. 



Working with sustainability is a never ending proces. We always strive to do our very best and constantly get better while searching for the most sustainable solutions for our collections. 

We source our textiles from factories and small villages. Each one is as important as the others. We use handwoven materials from small villages in Asia. These textiles have been dyed with plant dyes and is free from GMO and AZO. Our textiles from factories are certified and we only work with factories who have an equally high interest in sustainable textiles as in fair wages and fair working conditions as we do. 

Fashion has become so affordable that we don't value it as much any longer. We want to change that with a ''buy less, choose well'' approach.



Our vision is that fair fashion should be the norm. It’s as simple as that.