Nelle Noell

Nelle is a beautiful woman who daily runs the holistic blog She is a cake-loving vegetarian, writer, makeup-artist, self development- and beauty geek and, of cause, the proud mama of her cat Emma.


Honesty and taboos

Nelle is an honest woman who, on her blog, shares her experiences about psychological violence, break ups and living with diseases. She is humble and a loving character who handles whatever get thrown in her direction. 

She inspires us all to talk openly about taboos and learn from our mistakes and experiences.


5 questions about Nelle:

  • Age: 30
  • Where are you from: Holbæk, Denmark
  • Favourite breakfast: Green smoothie (my own recipe)
  • Favourite garment in your wardrobe: Don’t think I have a favourite. Every style in my wardrobe is kind of a favourite (I don’t have that much clothes).
  • Favourite travel destination: Bali

A sustainable life

''I implement sustainability in my life in every way I can. Minimizing plastic, no meat, mostly buy second-hand, try not to shower everyday and also try to use less products on my body as possible.
I don’t think humans, animals or in general the world, will have any chances surviving, if each of us don't think more sustainable. I want to have children some day and show them the fish in the sea, monkeys in the forest and bees and butterflies in the sky. I want to show them a world with nature and all the wild life in it. Not only buildings, cars and Iphones.'' Nelle Noell. 
''I believe, we are all responsible for each other, our selves and our common future, thus all should take responsible as much as possible as one can. If it is through a sustainable lifestyle, garbage sorting, eating plant-based or something else is up to the individual. As long as you do a difference on daily basis, I believe the energy will spread positively.'' Nelle Noell.

We are grateful for the little sneak peak we got into the life of Nelle Noell. We hope you enjoyed it too. 

Learn more about Nelle on her blog here.