Line Sidelmann

Line is gorgeous women with an amazing energy and spirit. She is as a Social Media Expert working with SoMe-marketing in Copenhagen. She has great humor, is a loving an caring woman and help out her friends and family whenever she has time.

''I believe, we are all responsible for each other, our selves and our common future, thus all should take responsible as much as possible as one can.
If it is through a sustainable lifestyle, garbage sorting, eating plant-based or something else is up to the individual. As long as you do a difference on daily basis, I believe the energy will spread positively.'' Nelle Noell.



Positive Energy

Line is one of the most positive human beings we ever met. No matter how hard life can get she always manage to look at the bright side and see the positive in even the smallest moments. She inspires us and her energy always leaves us in a happier state of mind.

With her gentle nature, high energy and positive spirit she is an inspiration to how we tackle life situations and how we get through life with a smile on our faces.