Collection 16.1

"Everything is a choice"

With our first collection ''Everything is a choice'' we have designed and created a collection with the ''classics'' in a more sustainable way where the impact on our environment is as low as possible.


The collection

Our first collection ''Everything is a choice'' is inspired by the nordic functionality and aesthetic combined with a timeless wardrobe. The collection creates a scandinavian, minimalistic universe where the casual and effortless look is shown in the silhouettes and the monochrome colors combined with nautical blue shades. 

We want to give you the balanced feel of being in zen. In zen with nature and our environment. With both tops and bottoms the styles in our collection can be mixed and matched together in endless ways. 

Minimizing ressources

We only use a minimal amount of trim such as zippers, ribbons, buttons and ect. We use just enough so that our styles are still functional and yet aesthetic.